About Me

I am Laila. I love being with people in all walks of life. My younger years was spent in a very close family ties. We are all grown up in a very simple and yet happy family. Although we don’t have a big house or own a large property, materially wealth we are very satisfied than anybody else. My father is a carpenter while my mother is a typical housewife. I’m in the eight among 9 siblings and because I was born with a dream of becoming a soldier or a police instead I took up Communication course. I finished my Bachelor degree and hoping to find a best job. Nowadays, millions of graduates are unemployed. If you are not a graduate from a reputable school you will be in hard times finding the right job for you. That’ one of the saddest part that I face during that times but life must go on! We will face different adversities in life but if we believe that with God nothing is impossible! At present times I’m still working hard for my future.  For life is a continuous learning process. That whatever we may face, gone through in this life may it be positive or negative, we  should remember that any gadget that use a battery, you cannot put it both positive or both negative as it wouldn’t be functional. Live your life to the fullest! Always work hard and be responsible for yourselves and for others and if you want some change, start within yourself and keep change for the better.


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