The Choice is Yours

I am about to give up my dreams. I choose to live my life the way with no complications. I just wanted to live the way I want it to be. My previous years of being with limelight becomes one of the most challenging situations in my entire life. I am about to embrace it because I thought that it was the best thing that happened in my life. But God made a way because this is not what He wants me to be. So many things happened that makes my life turned into pieces. I was so broken that time. That was my darkest days. Until someone came in to me, lifting me up and telling me that it’s part of our journey in life. It’s one way of improving oneself on how to become strong in every difficult situations.

I have learned that in every struggles, the only choice you have is to face them. The reality itself tells how you react on every situations. You will feel mad, sad, happy or any kind of emotions. The realization of any situations that happens or may happen to you is the only way that you continue or not the life you want it to be. The decisions will all be yours.

Lastly, we are here with a purpose and remember that everything happens for a reason. A divine reason that only you and Him can fully understand.

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