A True Warrior, A Fighter with a Genuine Love

Photo from G Diaries of Ms.Gina Lopez

“No matter what you have, if it’s not base on a deep foundation of caring and empathy it’s not gonna work. The key to a genuine economic growth is LOVE.”


¬†Last August 19, 2019, a philanthropist, a true environmentalist, a child advocate passed away. She was remembered as a true environmental warrior, a person who loves much the children because of her Bantay Bata 163 that aims to rescue children who were abandoned and victim of different abuses. There was so many good things that describes Ms. Gina Lopez. What I admired her was despite of being part of a well-known family in the Philippines and owned one of the biggest network in the country, she was still the most admirable and a humble person I’ve known. Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to know her personally I kept myself searching and watching videos about her. I got a chance to watch few of her G Diaries episodes which talked about changing lives of some less privilege people in an island.¬† When I learned that she passed away, I feel so sad because very few people here on Earth who loves other people unconditionally. For me she was a person full of caring, a selfless love for humanity and most of all she has a genuine heart. Her passing serves as an enlightenment to many people whom she touched including me. Her contributions to the country is priceless and the love she gave for the human kind is immeasurable. She was a true warrior who never gave up despite her personal health issues and she serves without limits. So many great things we can put to describe her but for me she leaves a great legacy that we will carry in our hearts as long as we live. Thank you GL!Thank you Gina Lopez for your Genuine Love to us.

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