Life ends when you stop doing good things…

A Gift for my Mom
A succulent plant

“Doing good will not make you a saint, but it will surely makes your heart smile.”

My mother’s birthday was on August 21, but because August 21 falls on a school days/ working days here in the Philippines that’s why our family decided to celebrate on August 25 of this year. Of all my mother’s birthday this was the one we celebrated with guests, friends and with a good set ups in our our home. One more thing, this was a special for all of us because of my youngest brother baby baptism and at the same a thanksgiving because it is the very first celebration that my youngest brother was present after working 20 years abroad.

I am good at organizing an event, preparing stuff like invitations and giveaways. Every time we have occasions, Christmas, new year, birthdays, weddings I was the one who gets so busy. Maybe because I am quite assertive and always think that when we do something, lets make it better if not the best one. So I made a succulent plant as part of my mom give away. I was so engrossed while doing it. Its the only way that I want to give credit to my mom on her special day.

The day was so amazing. And what is the most amazing was that my beloved mother still alive at 83 with good health (of course getting weak) but with still with strong and great mind. God is so great as always. He never fails us and He always make sure that we are happy living with her.

Doing good things makes your life colorful and meaningful and it should not stop because if we stop doing good its like you are putting your life to an end. Never doubt yourself for doing good because it is a way of being you as a human being with a heart. And God is the only one who can see what is inside our hearts.

IMG_1457 - Copy
My Mother on her 83rd Birthday


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