True Giving is Always Free

Every year we are so fortunate to experience Christmas alive, out of sickness or any dangers. We are all busy preparing our home. We always put different decorations and we spent a lot of money for it. We prepare special food on our table and we do shopping for our clothes and gifts. We do “Simbang Gabi” as part of our novena before Christ born.  One of the Filipino traditions is to do caroling. We go around to different houses and sing our Christmas songs. But unfortunately, some people forget the value of caroling. They think that some people do it for their personal necessity. In spite of that this is already part of our culture, and it keeps us reminding that Christmas will not be complete without those carolers who makes something different to our lives.

In spite of those thinking, as part of our tradition as Filipinos, we value this way of our gestures.  What’s most important is that we are grateful enough to serve and to share because true giving is always free.


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