Good Relationship…


We encountered different people everyday. Different perspectives and views arises. You heard different complains, frustrations, disappointments to somebody, and very seldom you heard someone saying kind words to other people. It’s a very sad part when we heard somebody saying something bad to us but we must admit intentionally or not we might be like them too. I realized with all of this experiences and observations happened, what we really need is to start loving and change ourselves first. We may not able to change other if we will not start it from ourselves. Learn to appreciate people even we don’t feel  appreciating because we don’t exactly know how they feel bout it. We often heard, practice what we preach but there will come to a point in our lives we are tempted and our patience got ended. We explode but on the other hand what really matters and realized it won’t help to be like that. We are a feeling person and it’s good to be true than to control our feelings especially if it is necessary. What matters most, at the end of the day, we learned to become more appreciative, more grateful even if we hurt. Hurting is normal just like admitting you are wrong. Because if we don’t understand those things and pride will eat you, you will never learn and probably you never feel love. Good relationship is more than anything else. If you hurt, let it pass. You really need to forgive wholeheartedly and truthfully. If there is doubt in your heart, you are not forgiving. Learn to admit your mistakes and through that, things will be fine and your relationship to others will grow. Life is too short for resentments, for remembering your past that won’t help you to grow. It’s not a matter of how old or young you are, it’s maturity.  Let us start from ourselves, deep in our heart. If we really practice what God wants us to be, we will accept each differences with no boundaries, no limits. Enjoy each day, be appreciative, be kind, tomorrow we might know if we will able to see each other again.

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