How I Care?

Me in a Mission
Children are very closed to my heart. They made my soul happy and loved.

As human beings God created us uniquely. But we can choose whom we want to be and He gave us a chance to see things around us and  how it become helpful in our choices for us.  Caring oneself must be our priority as well as caring other people for we cannot live alone in this world. We will always need other people in every endeavors we have in our life and to that we must keep ourselves reminded.

Humility includes the affirmation of another person’s ability, the recognition of our inadequacy or the acceptance of our shortcomings.” I was born in a family with high respect in human dignity. I am by nature; is a person of caring and loving and no one could  ever change my character of being like that. I am a person of believing that everything happens for a reason and I could really firm and stand to what is right. I am not a type of person who will create stories just to get attention of many. I will carry my grandparents names till the last person of my generations. People are people, they have their own way of living. I don’t have the right or in a position to change what they want to but I will probably able to help them if not materially , just a pieces of advice.  As a saying goes, a biggest picture seem to become small when you see them from a far distance so always make a step back to see the biggest picture. Always focus on your perspective.

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